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Awards & References


  • American Artist Professional League: First Prize – 1953, Best Overall Award – 1955, Grand National Finalist – 1956
  • G. I. Art Show: First Prize & Best in Show – 1952
  • National Artists & Writers Convention (Miami): First Prize 1950, 1953
  • Miami Beach Woman’s Club: Three Blue Ribbons – 1951
  • Miami Beach Outdoor Exhibition: First Prize – 1951
  • Grand National Exhibition: Finalist – 1956
  • National Arts Club in New York City: Winning Painting Exhibition
  • Miami-Dade County Proclamation: “Gideon Day” (Landmark) – 2001

One Man Shows

  • Gideon Series Exhibition, Marseilles, France
  • Miami Springs Woman’s Club, Miami Springs, Fl
  • Mayfair Art Theatre, Miami, Fl
  • Hotel Monte Carlo, Miami Beach, Fl
  • Bertha Foster Musicians Club, Coral Gables, Fl
  • Blue Dome, Miami Beach, Fl
  • Americana Hotel, Miami Beach, Fl
  • Orchid Ball, Miami, Fl
  • Doral Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, Fl
  • First America Corporation, Hollywood, Fl
  • Indian Creek Country Club, Miami Beach, Fl
  • Clearwater Art Gallery, Clearwater, Fl
  • Royal Poinciana Festival, Miami, Fl
  • Coral Gables Country Club, Coral Gables, Fl
  • Civic Center, Clearwater, Fl
  • Meridian Art Gallery, Thomasville, Ga

Gideon Media References

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  • Gideon Day.” Miami-Dade County Proclamation. Online. 2001.

Gideon (born Elmo Gideon) passed away peacefully at his home on Dec. 21, 2010 after a lengthy illness. Gideon is survived by his wife Heather Gideon, sister Eloise Flood, daughter Terry and husband Ed Markham, son Richter and wife Kathy Gideon, granddaughter Jennifer (Markham) Mabe, and grandsons Eric and Adam Markham, and Richter Gideon Jr, and great-granddaughters Ashton and Autumn Mabe, and Bailey and Erika Markham. This site was created to give everyone a chance to participate and show their love and support for Gideon’s family.

Donations may be made online by clicking on the Donate button below, or sent to the Gideon Museum, PO Box 2956, Thomasville, Georgia, 31799.

For more information on Gideon, please visit the artist’s website www.gideonart.com.

Gideon’s Painting Gallery

Gideon’s work entails a vast array of artistic capability. The seasons of his life are reflected in his art. The astounding variety of subject matter and medium is admired and appreciated by people all over the world.

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Gideon’s Sculpture Gallery


Not limiting himself to only one style, or to one medium, Gideon set himself aside from many artists by having a strong command of his sculpting abilities. Having created hundreds of sculptures, small to larger–than–life size, over a span of decades, Gideon’s works prove his mastery of this very difficult and timeless medium.

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Gideon’s Holocaust Art


The Gideon Holocaust Art Collection is a remarkable record of the pain and suffering of World War II, created from the personal experiences and memories of American Master Artist and Sculptor Gideon. The experiences of World War II cast a permanent shadow of memory Gideon is unable to erase. His mind and his soul continually remind him of the horrors his vision had to endure. He is destined to paint and sculpt the images of the Holocaust; an emotional portrayal of a historic atrocity, a vivid reminder that such a shadow should not pass mankind’s way again.

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