"Fields of Heather"

“Parting Psalm”
by Heather Gideon

I leave now this place of my suffering, For God
Has made me a new home, Glorious in His Kingdom.
My Spirit precedes me as I prepare
To step forth from this earthly body.
I Am enlightened as all cares shed gently away.

Heavenly Hosts stand singing and rejoicing.
The Spirit of the Lord has flooded my path with
The Light of Hope and Resurrection.
I am born anew in my Celestial Home.
My loved ones greet me with outstretched arms,
And wonderful faces full of longing and love.

The quiet rain of Life Eternal washes over my soul with
This Beautiful Grace; a Grace too wonderful,
Too encompassing, to behold in my former self.
To shed its loveliness upon your hearts
Will be my portion and my delight.

I leave you in this outward appearance, and put on this
Cloak of divine presence, In order to embrace you fully;
With the full assurance of our oneness.
Do not allow your sorrow to linger, for I meet you,
In a place where we will never be parted.

I send Angels, which surround me to touch
You with the Joy of my new Journey.
I glory in the continuance of my re-creation.
I desire that you give thanks in your being,
And partake of this treasure with me forevermore.

At the end of this journey I’ll find that once more,
I can be still and wait for that heavenly gate,
We know as “death’s door”
And through portals of music, the victory won,
I’ll rest in peace sweet… In a higher retreat,
And sing eternity’s song.

Heather Gideon has a BA degree in the Arts (Art/Music/Drama) from VSU in Valdosta, GA. She does some painting and sculpting (always with Gideon’s masterful guidance). She is a writer/poet with a collection of works which Heather has named “In Fields of Heather”. Heather has been singing as long as she can remember and has put many of her songs to music.

“Earthly Visit Done”
by Heather Gideon

He came to us but briefly,
And touched our hearts so sweetly;
A still small voice whispered in his ear.
For this purpose the angels brought him here.

He did his very best to share,
A gift which seemed too large to bear.
This earthly visit done, and in a moment lone,
The angels came again and took his spirit home.

“Your Life”
by Heather Gideon

Where have the years gone,
We know they have passed,
Cause we were there every step,
And your journey did last.

You reached many milestones,
With your purpose exact,
You just kept on going,
And never stopped to keep track.

Life is a mystery,
As short as it seems,
Not quite long enough,
To realize all your dreams.

But, so what, you were doing your work,
So you just keep on going,
And whatever you’ve left,
Will just keep on growing.


Gideon (born Elmo Gideon) passed away peacefully at his home on Dec. 21, 2010 after a lengthy illness. Gideon is survived by his wife Heather Gideon, sister Eloise Flood, daughter Terry and husband Ed Markham, son Richter and wife Kathy Gideon, granddaughter Jennifer (Markham) Mabe, and grandsons Eric and Adam Markham, and Richter Gideon Jr, and great-granddaughters Ashton and Autumn Mabe, and Bailey and Erika Markham. This site was created to give everyone a chance to participate and show their love and support for Gideon’s family.

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